Theme Calendars

Theme calendars are a very effective way to show your customers that your bank cares about its community and its rich heritage.

  • Community Involvement-- past, present, or ongoing. Cancer walks, Santa’s Helpers, hospital expansion, local student scholarships, support of non-profit groups, etc.
  • Historical Homes--past and present homes noted for architecture or owners.
  • Schools--buildings, gyms, teachers, administrators, students, classrooms, etc.
  • Getting Around (general transportation)--photos of streetcars, trains, early autos, gas stations, horse and buggies, boats, etc.
  • Community Service--photos of police dept., fire dept., city hall, courthouse, library, mayors, post office, hospital, etc.
  • Eateries & Grocers--photos of old grocery stores, restaurants, taverns, etc.
  • Sunday Morning--photos of earliest churches in town.
  • “It’s My Ball” (Sports)--teams, coaches, games, cheerleaders, gyms, fields, golf courses, etc.
  • Entertainment--theaters, parades, parks, holidays, music groups, entertainers, etc.
  • Business/Industry--early or notable businesses/industries.
  • Fabulous ‘50s--local photos from America’s most popular decade.
  • Historical Hangouts--early drugstores, restaurants, root beer stands, ice cream stores, bowling alleys, drive-in theaters.


Some points to consider in using the theme calendar format:

  • Choose a subject with numerous and accessible photos for your first calendar. Follow up on the first year by immediately announcing next year ’s theme. Your customers will know what to expect and will get in the spirit of contributing photos for the next project. The contributors will consider themselves an integral part of publishing a hometown product designed to promote the community.
  • You can’t do all the themes, so pick four or five that have the most local appeal.
  • If you have the photos and customer interest, use more than one photo on each calendar month.
  • Combine themes for greater impact: Sports and Entertainment, Schools and Churches, Your Bank, and Business Community, etc.