G. Bradley Scanning Guidelines

Size...How Much is Enough?

On average, the size of each photograph scanned should be no smaller than 5MB. Photos must be scanned in at least 300 dpi. Smaller photos will require being scanned in at a higher resolution (350-480 dpi) if you plan to enlarge them for the calendar.
Example: A 5”x 7” horizontal photograph will be used in a calendar at a size of 6.5”x 9.5”. To achieve the necessary resolution, this photo should be scanned at 400 dpi at 100%. Your scanning software may automatically compensate for increased resolution by adjusting the size or enlargement percentage. This also will yield satisfactory scans.


• Complete all scans in greyscale. (Not CMYK or RGB Color)
• Scan photos at no higher than 8 bit.
• Save files as Photoshop EPS Macintosh format (or TIFF format is acceptable) and we will complete the photo correction.

Do Not!

• Use any of the tonal compression or correction controls in the scanning software.
• Apply unsharp masking or use any sharpening options in your scanning software.
• Compress scans using JPEG format, this degrades scan quality.
• Scan any screened printed (dot-patterned) materials, i.e., books, most postcards, etc. This material needs to be sent to us for handling. Photos or clippings from newspapers can never be used due to poor quality.


Contact us for Digital Image Guidelines when taking photos with a digital camera.


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