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Saint Louis Italians - The Hill and Beyond

This book, which celebrates Italian ethnicity, totals 216 pages and also contains 60 delectable recipes from 29 different chefs who represent some of the best-loved Italian restaurants in the entire St. Louis metropolitan area. Next to each recipe is a fascinating profile of each of the 20 restaurateurs, describing their rags-to-riches stories and their secrets to success. Similar to the first book, the beautiful, full-color photographs of each prepared dish will stimulate the senses.

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I Remember Nonna {On Sale—Original Price $24.95}

The Italian Immigrant Childhood
Nonna: Her heart, her lessons, her recipes
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Nonna is Italian for “grandmother.” In every Italian neighborhood, family, and home, inventive Nonnas, versed in the art of healing, stood ready to cure children’s ills and aches. With little money to spend on a physician, especially during the Great Depression, immigrant women relied upon their creativity and common sense. Schooled only by a culture of oral tradition, Nonna’s home remedies reflect a hidden knowledge of modern medicine. This book encourages the practice and preservation of Nonna’s original and at times  unconventional “miracle” cures.



• The Power to Heal • The Untutored Healer  • Foreshadowing Modern Medicine


Join Eleanore Berra Marfisi as she whispers the simple but rich lessons of immigrant-Italian Nonnas. Through a celebration of Nonna’s folk tales, medicinal remedies, superstitions, pithy proverbs, and 33 distinct dessert recipes from the Italian Hill in St. Louis, she spins a tale of the Italian-immigrant Nonna and the children and grandchildren she raised to preserve the colorful Italian tradition. Eleanore Berra Marfisi, author of The Hill: Its History, Its Recipes and St. Louis Italians: The Hill and Beyond is the most prolific and knowledgeable writer in St. Louis of “All things Italian.”